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Hello,can feel your pulse as per the need in your life
I pray that help will come your way quikly.May God raise people for us.
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BEING TERROIZED OUT OF MY HOME! Things are just getting worse day by day here where u r 2 b safe. Not living in fear of those who live around you. I should not have to move & so far that's the only answer I keep getting. I really need financial help! I am new 2 this site & so far unable 2 get my messages. So I guess u can Kik me at chicaseventhreeonesix.
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I've received 2 messages which I am unable 2 retrieve 4 some unknown reason. They re Michealgiven & Cashlord2012. If either of u see this post please know I'm trying 2 get the messages from u.
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